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Tap on an aircraft in the flight radar to track it directly, or enter a valid flight number in the search bar above and confirm your entry to display the desired flight in the flight radar.

When you have selected a flight, the aircraft is highlighted, the flight route is displayed and you get an overview of all important data about the selected flight in the radar in the bar on the left-hand side.

Flight Radar

With a flight radar you can observe current flights on a map in real time.

This will help you to get an overview of the current air traffic.

You also have the option of tracking a specific flight on the flight radar and displaying important data.

With a valid flight number, you can locate the position of a specific aircraft and find out where that aircraft is in real time.

With the flight radar you can see the expected arrival time. This is useful if you want to pick someone up at the airport.

How does flight radar work?

How Does Flight Radar Work?

The ADS-B system is currently mostly used to receive current data from aircraft that are currently in the air.

With the broadcast system ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast), flight movements in the airspace and important data can be visually displayed.

This helps air traffic control to get an overview of the air traffic, to evaluate the data and to take action to ensure a safe air traffic area.

Flight data is also collected via satellite and ADS-C.

Meist werden Satelliten und ADS-C Systeme bei Transatlantikflügen eingesetzt, da hier die Reichweite von ADS-B nicht immer ausreichend ist.

Search for an aircraft with a flight number

Enter Your Flight Number and Get Started!

Are you looking for a specific flight? Then simply enter a valid flight number in the search bar in the flight radar.

After you have started the search, the aircraft is displayed directly and tracked in real time.

Helpful information about the selected aircraft will then appear in the left sidebar

Frequently Asked Questions About Flight Radar

Is the flight radar free?

Yes. You can use for free. However, if you want more functions, then you have to order a subscription at for a fee, which corresponds to your needs.

How many planes fly each day?

An average of more than 200,000 aircraft fly worldwide every day

Why did an airplane suddenly disappear from the flight radar?

Most likely, the current data for the flight you are looking for is missing. This can happen in areas if there are not enough ADS-B receivers on the ground.

However, there is also more frequent lack of data transmission when flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

Why does an airplane fly in circles?

If several aircraft are approaching an airport. Then the air traffic controller regulates the landing time of the aircraft.

Because there must be time intervals between landing at the airport. In order to create a time window, some aircraft fly in a circle on the instructions of the air traffic controller.

Are helicopters and military aircraft also displayed in the flight radar?

Helicopters and military aircraft are also shown on the flight radar.

However, military aircraft are only displayed to a limited extent.

You can also watch private flights

What is the fastest airliner in the world?

The fastest passenger aircraft currently on the market is the Boeing 747-8i with a maximum speed of 1060 kilometers per hour (km / h)

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